Greenland: Nuuk (GOH)

Today I will speaking about our recent trip to Greenland. Reson for this blog post is that I really struggled finding information when I prepared for this trip, so this is an attempt to share my experience so other keep travelers can benefit.

We flew from Reykjavik to Nuuk and from there to Kangerlussuaq and Illuissat, all with Air Greenland. From Illulissat back to Iceland we took Air Iceland Connect because it was the better option in terms of timing. First of all I have to mention that the initial plan was to fly to Kulusuq first and from there to Nuuk, but I fell pretty sick before the trip so we had to cancel the first three days…bummer!


We arrived in Nuuk in the late afternoon with Air Greenland. The flight (Dash 8) was pretty smooth and there were even massive sandwiches, cookies and refreshment served by a very friendly flight attendant. We took a cab to our accommodation (no other option really, there was a bus but we did not really figure out the schedule etc.). From what I remember it cost DK 110 for an about 15-minute ride. We stayed at a place called Vandrehuset which we booked via The place was clean and really well heated (reads walk around in T-Shirts), it even had free wifi and a hair dryer. Only downpoint was that there was only one bathroom for I think 10 people. Kitchen facilities etc were fine too. From there it is a short stroll to the city center (about 20 mins). There is a big shopping mall and what looked like a conference center. From there it is not far to the harbor from where you have a very nice view over the bay. We went in late June so midnightsun allowed us to stay out until 9 or 10pm and it was still very bright.

We arrived well stocked with Spaghetti and Pesto, but there are some restaurants (the Thai restaurant apparentlich has huge portions and is very tasty). There is also a SPAR supermarket at a walkable distance.

After a lie in the next morning we went to the airport for our flight to Kangerlussuaq (click on link for next blog).


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